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Public Agreement

Game - a complex of sites, applications, servers and mechanisms Administration - representatives of the Game, authorized to resolve issues. User - the one who plays the Game, visits the site, launches the application. Agreement - a public agreement with the User. Payment Systems - systems that provide the ability to transfer funds. Account - the User ID associated with all content. Game Balance - an in-game means of payment, a numerical value, without the possibility of converting into fiat or other means of payment outside the Game. Skin - an image used by the User inside the Game. Chat - an in-game text messaging system.

Registration, acceptance of the contract, interaction, data.

  1. The fact of acceptance of the Agreement with the Game is the registration of the User in the system, the start of the game. The Administration, the Game and the User do not sign the contract.

  2. The user confirms that he is capable, or the consent of the guardians has been obtained.

  3. The period of validity of the offer and the User's consent to the offer is not limited.

  4. The Administration may make changes to the Agreement. In case of significant changes, we will notify Users.

  5. The game may collect and use the following data: ip, email, social account data. They are used for registration, authorization and correct operation of the Game systems, for interaction with the user. We do not sell or share your data with anyone. Read more here:

Purchases, payments, images, balance

  1. The terms of the transaction are described on the payment pages, the pages for purchasing services, on the pages of sites and wikis, when communicating between the Administration of the Game and the User in the case of specific services. Payment or other completed interaction is considered unconditional acceptance of the terms. Method of payment, conditions can be changed by the Administration unilaterally. In case of problems, please contact us by any available method. We will help.

  2. Terms of service provision: replenishment of the balance, skins, passwords and other automatic services are most often performed within 15 minutes. In rare cases - up to 3 days. Specific services - by additional agreement.

  3. Refunds are made through the Payment Systems of purchase, on the terms of the Payment Systems. The result of the return will be a withdrawal of the balance for the returned purchase, or a Block if the return mechanism is used for fraudulent purposes. List of available Payment Systems: Apple, Google, Xsolla, Wise, Digiseller,, Swift, SEPA, Qiwi, Yoomoney, SBP, WebMoney, PayPal, etc. Specific terms of use are visible on the purchase or transfer page, or by personal agreement. Additional fees may apply. These systems may collect personal data, you can find the terms of collection on the websites of the systems.

  4. Shared Accounts: If a user willingly leaks their password, we will not provide support if their account balance or skins are stolen.

Incentives, rewards, bonuses, discounts.

  1. The user can receive rewards for in-game and out-of-game interactions.

  2. Contests, discounts, awards, bonus systems are held in the Game.

  3. The conditions for issuing awards, the conditions for discounts, the conditions for holding contests, bonus systems, etc. are not guaranteed. Discounts and other promotional events are temporary. The administration is not responsible for changes in the conditions, terms, amount of awards or cancellation of events.

Violations, opportunities, consequences, responsibility

  1. The Administration reserves the right to roll back, withdraw, return the Game Balance, Skins and other game values.

  2. The Game Balance (PTS) can be written off in case of detection of fraud, software error, damage to the Game and in other cases, at the discretion of the Administration. Transfers of game balance, skins, etc. can be returned at the discretion of the Administration.

  3. Some actions can be rolled back by the Administration in case of an error on the part of the User, if less than 2 days have passed. For example, an incorrectly specified nickname, transfer destination, etc. Additional fees may apply. Returns to PTS may be granted.

  4. However, the User agrees that all actions taken by him are final, and waives the requirements for a return or rollback of actions. Including: transfers, payments, purchases, etc.

  5. Created Skins and used images, Messages sent by the User to the Chat, Any other interactions of the User within the Game Are the responsibility of the user.

  6. The sharing of accounts, including but not limited to transferring access to your account or in-game items to third parties, is strictly prohibited. The use of game accounts of third parties, regardless of their consent, is also prohibited. Any user found violating this policy may face permanent or temporary restrictions, including account suspension or banning. No refunds will be provided in cases of violation of this policy. The Administration is not responsible for any actions of the User. The Game and the Administration do not own the images that the User uploads to the Game. We are not responsible for images uploaded by the User. The possibility of using the image in terms of copyright or other rights is the responsibility of the User. Author of all messages of the User in the Chat is the User. 6. Consequences of violations: The Administration has the right to write off the balance for violations on the part of the User Account. Account content may be removed in case of violation of the terms of use. The User's account may be blocked as a result of violation of the terms of use. Access to the chat may be blocked based on the behavior of the User. Access to the game may be blocked based on the behavior of the User. The effects may be permanent or temporary. The decision to remove restrictions is made by the Administration after interaction with the User. In cases of violation of the terms of use, no refunds are provided. 7. We regard as violations: Using VPN, proxy to bypass blocking. Deception, fraud towards the Administration and other Users Insults, swearing, harassment, etc. in chat, on Skins. Nudity, erotica, any form of violence, propaganda, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, illegal groups, etc. on skins. Spam, flood, any misuse of the chat. Ddos, dos, bots, any methods of game automation. Any attempts, methods of interference with the operation of the Game. Transferring access to your account or in-game items to third parties. Use of game accounts of third parties, regardless of their consent. Hacking, using mass registration and mass use of accounts. Use of images and names of misleading Users. Creation of clone skins in order to mislead other Users. Trading the Game Balance is expressly prohibited. Other methods to interfere with other Users, the Administration or the Game.

The existence of a violation and the consequences for violations is determined by the Administration. 8. Separately: the Administration and the Game are not responsible for any actions of the user with his account. Sale, resale and other actions are at the User's own risk. The safety of the contents of the account is the responsibility of the User. The Administration can intervene in a problem situation for an additional fee at the request of the User. 9. If the User detects a software error, the User is obliged to report it to the Administration. If the error is confirmed and its status is confirmed, the User will receive an in-game reward. If the error is used for selfish purposes or to harm the Game, the User is considered a violator of the rules of the Game and may suffer consequences.


  1. The administration is trying to keep the Game in working condition, but breakdowns happen. We are not responsible for the inoperability of the game. In some cases, compensation for discomfort is possible. In that case, we will make a public statement.

  2. The Administration, the Game and the User do not sign acts, payment/registration/interaction confirms the quality of services.

  3. The user can delete the account through the notification of the Administration. You will need proof of ownership of the account.

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